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Give your child an exciting way to stay active today and introduce them to some of the best anti-bullying instruction around with our Kids Kickboxing Classes at USA Fight Company in Houston. 

Our Kids Kickboxing Classes are perfect for students ages 6-16 and focus on teaching students the basics of the sport while also introducing them to de-escalation techniques and the proper strategies for dealing with a bully. 

Our Kids Kickboxing Classes Build The Perfect Foundation

At USA Fight Company, we don't expect your child to be the greatest on earth. Instead, we use exciting instruction to meet the needs of all students and teach them the basics of kickboxing, building their skills from the ground up.

Our Kids Kickboxing Classes in Houston teach students elements like:

  • Proper footwork
  • Proper punching techniques 
  • Match strategies and ring control

And we keep students moving and engaged the whole time. These Kids Kickboxing classes are a great total body workout that teach students the value of physical activity. 

PLUS Our Kids Kickboxing Classes Combat Bullying With De-escalation

Just because your child will learn how to land a jab, doesn't mean we want them using it outside of the ring. A cornerstone of our Kids Kickboxing Classes in Houston is bully prevention and de-escalation techniques that help students of all ages deal with the difficult challenges of a confrontation.

At USA Fight Company, our motto is "It's OK To Walk Away" and we mean it.

Your child will learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate in a tense situation
  • Stand up for themselves without resorting to violence 
  • Walk away from confrontation without the fear of embarrassment 
  • Maintain unwavering self-confidence no matter what situation they face

Sign Your Child Up For The Best Kids Kickboxing In Houston Today!

You won't find a more well-rounded Kids Kickboxing Class in Houston. At USA Fight Company, we truly care about each and every student and we aim to build them up through exciting kickboxing instruction and valuable life skills that will serve them for years to come. 

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