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Burn Hundreds Of Calories With Our High Intensity Kickboxing Classes

Are you ready for a challenge? Then try out our incredible Kickboxing classes near Med Park in Houston. This program is perfect for men and women of all experience levels and will help you burn tons of calories while building lean muscles and learning how to defend yourself. 

Kickboxing Classes at USA Fight Company consist of 1-hour total-body workouts that will help you see results like never before. And the best part is, you don't need any prior experience. Our trained instructors will help you scale and modify each movement to fit your unique abilities and help you get the most out of every single class. 

What Makes Our Kickboxing Classes Different?

The answer is fun. These high-intensity workouts are fun for everyone involved because we rely on a small group setting to provide energy, support, and motivation throughout every workout.

You'll have a blast learning how to land powerful punches and kicks while also keeping your heart racing and your blood pumping.

Our Kickboxing classes in Houston will help you:

  • Build total body strength and agility
  • Burn up to 1000 calories in a single class
  • Maintain the motivation to train every week

Take Our Kickboxing Classes Without Into Everyday Life

That's right, our the benefits of our Kickboxing Classes at USA Fight Company don't stop when you leave the gym. You'll feel the changes in your everyday life, too, with:

  • Boosted energy levels
  • Newfound confidence in yourself
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • An unwavering sense of accomplishment

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